How does sound work?

Sound works through the phenomenon of ‘entrainment,‘ which is the synchronization of brainwaves to an external stimulus. You’ve experienced this already with music. Reflect on what you experience when you listen to your favorite kind of music as opposed to your least favorite.  Your body reacts differently to those two types of external stimuli, doesn’t it? I’m guessing your favorite music makes you feel happy, free, alive, while your least favorite makes you feel uncomfortable. Taking this a step further, have you ever noticed how music with a fast beat makes you quicken your pace to match it? Or how slower music helps you to relax and slow down? 

Sound is the external stimulus. As your brain listens to the Sound, it follows the pace of the Sound thereby allowing your brainwaves slow down into a meditative state. The shift from beta brainwaves (active thinking) to alpha brainwaves or theta brainwaves (meditative states) typically happens within 5 - 10 minutes. Once you are in a meditative state you receive what you need in that moment whether it be rest or healing. You may also receive ideas, insight or inspiration. The messages and guidance that come through are trustworthy because they come from within you.


what happens when I experience sound?

Your brainwaves move from an active state into a slower meditative state. You may feel your body become heavy, you may see or feel vibration, you may see images, you may have tears spontaneously come to your eyes. Your brain my go quiet or it may be very active. You may go into a very deep state of rest. Your sense of time will change - 30 minutes may feel like 5. Sound releases stagnant patterns of tension and fear from your system.

The effects of receiving Sound may take a day, two weeks or even a month to unfold.


“There aren’t proper words for this good medicine. Only “yes”. The answer is yes. Working with Julie is a sound decision.” -Joan G.

“I love attending Julie’s sound baths, I describe it to my friends as a “massage for my brain and spirit.” I’ve never experienced anything like what she does before, and I can’t quite describe what I enjoy the most - making time for myself in a unique way, enjoying the beauty of sound, experiencing meditation.” -Melanie M.

“I just wanted to send you a note thanking you again for the wonderful sound bath meditation session that I attended last night at Lanikai - it was just what I needed to relax, release and refresh!  My day had been super stressful and I was looking forward to a sound bath meditation session all day!  I did not really know what to expect and was a bit pessimistic that I would be able to yield any positive results (given the tumultuous day). I was certainly wrong about that! Your session far exceeded my expectations and I immediately felt lighter, brighter and ready to handle anything that came my way!  My sleep afterward was much more restful. Your soothing voice, positive energy and infectious laugh certainly enhanced the sound bath experience!
Thank you again for providing such a wonderful and relaxing meditation and giving me some new tools that help me to de-stress and recharge my batteries.  I look forward to attending more sound meditations with you in the future!” -Diana W.

“I absolutely loved the sound healing class!  Julie sings with a vulnerability that seems to bare her soul.  Her voice resonates so much with her crystal bowls that it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between her and her instruments.  I was prepared for the class to be relaxing, but was surprised that I could feel the vibration of her sounds throughout my body.  When I left I felt relaxed, but also a renewed sense of energy in my body.” -Shannon S.

“Familiar with the power of the drums in shamanic journey, I came to Julie's sound healing meditation class with a wide open mind. No expectations. We were set up comfortably on blankets in lying down position, in preparation for deep rest and even deeper journey. A journey through chimes, chant, varied singing bowls, and powerful silence. I found myself journeying through lifetimes, at once in a Tibetan monastery, further forward around the fire of my Native American ancestors, and later face to face with today. I felt and heard cries leaving my own body and those of my peers in the room, and had no clue as to where from they'd emerged... But held deep gratitude for what I knew to be a deeply healing release. Julie is a gifted channel to the healing power of sound; I now embrace sound healing as a critical practice in maintaining balance within my Self.” -Athena A.

“It was a very good meditation and SoulFire Collective is excellent for what Julie is doing acoustically. Every sound she created, including her voice, was disembodied and filled the space equally and did not seem to be coming from where she was sitting or walking. It created for me the illusion that everything was actually emanating from inside my head. It helped me to empty my mind and just be and eliminate all the static and chatter of the day and my life… I felt very rested afterwards. For me an hour is better than a half hour because it allows time to go deeper. Each one of these have been different for me but they have all been beneficial and worthwhile. Thanks, Julie, for what you do.” -Keith F.